Friday, June 3, 2011

Final Post

A few weeks ago in ESL class we learn a new unit call unit of inquiry. We can choose what topic that you wanted to learn. However, I just want to learn how to program NXT robot.

First of all in knowledge section I search which program that help me to program my robot. Then I go to comprehension section. In this section I’m comparing the program that I already research that is GNU program and NXT program. furthermore the next section is application. In this section I must try my program which is NXT program to program my robot. finally the last section is analysis. Here is my analysis question and paragraph.

Why and how do we create a robot?

Basically when we create a machine our life become easier. The example is to washing clothes. Long time ago before washing machine was invented people are very hassle to wash clothes. They need to go to the river and rub the clothes. To rub the clothes they need hand and must use the power that can create fatigue. In this situation the American call “Alva Visher” invented the washing machine at 1910. Consequently until now people become a lot more easier cause the washing machine.

Therefore here the step to make/create robots. First you need to build the robot. To create the robot you must prepare the item that’s needed to make the robot. And start to make it. Furthermore after you assemble the Robot you need to put the program within the robot. The instruct it’s up to you. Finally after you program your robot, you can try your program if it works.

When I grow up I will make my robot can drive me to school. Hence when my robot can drive me to school my life become easier. In other word I can give my robot a lot of program that can help my life. However robot has the disadvantages. If our life depend on the robot, then it affect our health. Besides that robot also not friendly with our environment, because they polluted our air.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mind Storm Move

Hello, this is my video about how to make mind storm robot move. Here is my to-do list:
  • I will examine that the NXT program work
  • I will use my program and try to make my robot
  • I will solve any problems that might come up


    Monday, May 9, 2011


    In this Comprehension section I'm comparing the NXT program and the GNU program. Here is my to-do list:

    1. I will Compare two program I have
    2. I will Explain to you about how to program NXT program
    3. I will discuss after I finish Comparing

    To find out more please see video below.


    Friday, May 6, 2011

    freak the mighty question

    What will Max do if there was no treasure in the storm drain?

    I think max will angry to Kevin and max will not trust kevin anymore.

    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    Program the Robot

    In the ESL class I start new project. In this project I must choose a topic that I want to learn and choose 1 AOI that related to my topic. I choose programming a lego robot as my topic, because from 6 grader I like to program a Lego robot. Here the list maybe will help you to program a robot:

    1. NXT Program
    2. GNU Robot

    To use the NXT program you must download it suitable your computer program. I think it easy to use this program because it suitable for all ages. For this second program I think the level is one step more higher than the NXT program. And this program is not suitable for all ages because this program is little bit hard. Here the example of NXT program.

    In this program you can make your robot move, making sound, as your own creativity.

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    Create Poster about AOI

    Today I make a poster about Area of Interaction. in this project I choose my Aoi that is community and service.

    My learning styles

    In ESL class I answer the question about what is my learning styles.
    There are 3 learning style that I learn. first visual learners, second is Audithory learners and the third one is Kinesthetic learner.
    My learning styles is visual styles because I can't learn without some visual thing to learn.